Canada’s Elite Ebony Escort & Companion


If you’re reading this, I infer you have an affinity for ladies who embody grace, are intellectually curious, cultured, adventurous,
and even a bit old fashioned.

Was my assumption correct? If your answer is positive, I am glad we are on the same page — no pun intended!

Come along with me on this journey. You’re in for a treat!

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For the refined gentleman seeking more than just a pretty face

I am Amelia but I love being called baby. I am a true romantic at heart. I take pleasure in helping people, taking care of people and making everyone around me smile. Yes, I know that sounds cheesy but I try my best to brighten the day of everyone I meet, even if it’s just by asking the Conceirge how they are or by just smiling at a random stranger. I always try to think about a quote by RAKtivist: “Kindness is a reflection of what lives in our hearts”


I like to think of myself as an intelligent, honest, thoughtful and caring lady. But I would say my friends would describe as generous, witty, bubbly and a great cook. I am a sucker for quality wines especially full-bodied red wines and ice cream (My favourite flavours are matcha green tea and strawberry)

When it comes to luxury, sensuality, companionship and discretion, I’m the high-class escort that can truly make your day shine bright like the sun and your night sparkle like fireworks that cease to go out. When I engage with my elite companions, I fully understand and am committed to discretion, making sure that I’m your spicey ebony little secret.

High Class VIP Ebony Escort in Canada

Being an ebony high-class escort in Canada allows for some fantastic experiences and discoveries in all of the Canadian corners. Between the beautiful scenic vistas of Alberta, to the fantastic bustling life of Toronto, there is nothing better than to explore these locations with an elite companion like yourself.

When it comes to my services, I fully commit to my companions. I don’t only treat them with my sensuality and enticement but, I make sure that they truly get the best and most VIP treatment I can offer.I’m a hopeless romantic at heart but, besides that, I can also be a wild tiger in the sheets, taking you to heights that you’ve never once thought possible. My exotic ebony curves, unbelievable breasts and plump booty will make sure that you’ll never forget our times together.

Elite Luxury Canadian Independent Escort & Companion

Romantic dates are also a big part of what makes life as a high-class escort in Canada so exciting. Getting to know my elite companions in different, very personal ways is incredibly gratifying and I love every second of it. Whether it is by having a nice romantic dinner in Vancouver or by exploring the beautiful places that Calgary has to offer, no date is the same for me, with every single elite companion being unique in their own way and being treated like the VIP individuals that they are.

Having a fantastically refined meal for starters, while exchanging warm words with each other and getting to know one another on a deeper level, followed by a fine glass of wine to get the sensuality flowing while flirty smiles and comments are exchanged, all the way to spending the night together, grasping each other’s bodies and intertwining in moaning and more, are just some of the ways that I love to spend time with my elite companions.

Overall, I’m the high-class escort in Canada that you’ve been searching for. I’m the one to bring the heat of my ebony body to the table, letting you feast on my sensuality, personality and class, all while creating memories that will last you a lifetime.

I’m Amelia Van Doren, the ebony luxury escort you’ve always dreamt of.

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