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The Best Spots To Ski In Canada

When it comes to sports, one of my favourites is, undoubtedly, skiing. There is just something incredibly thrilling (albeit beautiful and harmonious) about sliding down a snow-covered hill or mountain, dodging obstacles and feeling the wind rushing through my body as I slide closer and closer to the finish line.

In a way, skiing almost feels like a dance that nature only intended to be performed once the colder months grace us with their snowflakes but, lucky for us in Canada, there are plenty of places around the country that allow for some pretty fun and exciting skiing!

Whether you’re curious about what places I love when it comes to skiing or, whether you’re thinking of enjoying that amazing sport with me by your side, as our bodies intertwine in a sea of excitement and enjoyment, here are some of my favourite spots to ski in Canada.

Whistler Blackcomb

When it comes to skiing resorts, nothing quite comes close to Whistler Blackcomb when it comes to its sheer size and scope. This is the largest skiing resort in Canada and, it’s definitely quite an impressive feat when we step onto its soil and see the horizon that, seemingly, has no end in sight.

This is the kind of skiing resort that stretches for miles on end, with beauty around every nook and cranny that truly makes for an unforgettable skiing adventure. It boasts a whopping 8,172 acres of skiable terrain, not to mention that it has some very impressive luxury hotels that are worth visiting for a more relaxed and lounging experience.

Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant is the kind of skiing resort that is absolutely perfect to spend a weekend or two exploring and skiing around, as long as it’s not on the actual weekends, of course! The bad part about this resort is that, on the weekends, it is completely flooded by crowds and, that is never pleasant, however, the good part definitely outshines the bad.

The best part about Mont Tremblant (apart from the skiable terrain) is the fact that its village resembles a quaint, beautiful European town that looks like its birthplace may have been in France

There is something about French culture that truly makes me feel like royalty and, this alpine resort definitely takes the cake on how a ski resort can truly transport us to other cultures around the world.

Lake Louise

Last but certainly not least is Lake Louise. This ski resort looks like it came straight out of a postcard and that is unbeatable. It may not be the biggest ski resort ever but, its stunning scenery and world-class terrain (that makes skiing a breeze) are undoubtedly its strongest points.
There’s truly something special about seeing the lake stretch out for miles on end as we are skiing down a slope that is unmatched with a lot of other skiing resorts out there in the world.

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Skiing is definitely a lot of fun but, it is always a lot more enjoyable with someone by our side so, let’s get to know each other and feel the thrills of sliding down a slippery slope as our souls intertwine with each other.

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