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What Theatres To Visit When In Toronto

When on a date and, after an amazingly refined dinner at some of the best restaurants in Toronto (with some of my favourite being Harbour 60 and Carisma), there is nothing better than to head onto the theatre and watch a revigorating play that will leave us thinking about it for days to come.

There is something truly special, inspiring and timeless about watching actors perform live, shooting their lines at each other as emotional expressions are displayed raw in front of an audience of hundreds of people.

A theatre is truly a magical place where stories are told and, personally, I am a big fan of watching live theatre shows with an elite companion because, as the luxury escort that I am, I appreciate the finer things in life and, art is no different.

Even though a theatre is always a magical place, there are definitely some in Toronto that undoubtedly stand out from the rest.

Whether it is by their intricately beautiful architecture or the history that has taken place within its walls, here are some of the best theatres to visit when in Toronto, regardless of whether you’re new to the city or whether you’ve lived here all your life.

The Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre Centre

This theatre is regarded as a historical site and, for very good reason. It was built in 1913 and later restored in 1980 and, truth be told, when you step into this centre stage, you truly understand the reason as to why it is a must-visit when in Toronto.

The ceiling is beautifully detailed, with accents of gold and a delightfully elegant palette of reds that truly stands out, creating an aura of elegance and sophistication that is exquisite in its own right.

Watching a show here will definitely make anyone feel like royalty, as the sounds of the actors echo through the vast room embroidered by the mystical sights of this elegant theatre.

Ed Mirvish Theatre

This theatre might be one of the grandest theatres in Toronto. Even though it might not have the elegant palette of reds that others do, it exchanges them for golds, beiges and stone. Its sheer size is enough to make a jaw drop but, it is only when you step inside that you truly feel like you stepped into a fairytale-like theatre.

It is highly regarded as a masterpiece with over 3000 seats and an impeccable lavish interior, it is definitely the theatre to go to in order to provide a great end (or perhaps beginning) to an enticing date night

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Toronto is the kind of city that truly pays attention to the arts and, when it comes to theatres, there is a vast plethora of them, all with their uniqueness, luxurious interiors and pros and cons that truly make watching a play an unforgettable experience.

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