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Nuru Massages Can Turn Any Date To Paradise


Anyone that truly knows me would tell you that I am an ebony goddess when it comes to my hands. My touch has been described as magical and, that is mostly due to how sensitive, dedicate and passionate I am when it comes to pressing and releasing tension on someone’s body. When it comes to massages, I am one that is in touch with the delicate side that it requires and that is not an understatement.

As an ebony luxury escort in Canada, I have had the pleasure of providing many of my companions with all kinds of massages (with some of them having a very happy and enticing ending) but, one of the massages that I found to be the most profound and spiritually enlightening is Nuru but, what exactly is it?

What Is A Nuru Massage?

Nuru is a kind of erotic massage that has its origins in Japan. This massage is considered to be erotic because it requires both individuals to be completely naked, with the masseuse rubbing their body on the person getting the massage, releasing tension that way.

With that said, it is pretty self-explanatory why Nuru massages are so erotic and outstandingly sexy. After all, if you imagine my naked ebony body, full of its erotic sensual curves and fantastic voluptuous assets, you will be able to tell why receiving such a massage from me can be a dream come true.

What Is The Best Time To Receive A Nuru Massage?

Even though a Nuru massage can theoretically be given and received at any time of day, there are some particular times where I think it can truly have an unforgettable impact. If you have ever booked me before (or if you are pondering about it), you would know that I love to go out for dinner and drinks with my companions, among other activities of course.

Being the luxury ebony escort in Canada that I am, I love all things luxurious and classy, therefore, enjoying such an activity alongside my companion can be an incredible experience. With that said, Nuru massages are perfect for once we head to a hotel room, after a night full of laughter, flirtatious jokes and touches. there is nothing better than to strip down each other’s clothes, spread some essential oils on each other’s bodies and, of course, release all of the tension, stress and nerves with a Nuru massage.

Enjoy Nuru Massage with Canada’s Elite VIP Escort

Whether you’ve had one before or whether you are looking to have one for the first time, Nuru massages can truly be an absolutely unforgettable experience that will live in your memory for many years. It provides sensuality and enticement to spare, all while relaxing you and putting you in the right state of mind for better things to come. Nuru massages are truly a kind of massage that, even though you might not experience every day, needs to be experienced at least once in a lifetime, because, besides the obvious benefits it provides, it will definitely strengthen connections as well.