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Sex Toys I’m Not Afraid To Play With

Even though sex toys are becoming more and more acceptable, sometimes there is still some form of taboo around them. Some people might just be incredibly reserved and would rather rely on their hand instead of a piece of plastic (and that is completely fine) however, me being the luxury ebony escort that I am, I am not one of those people that is reserved about what kind of sex toys I love ( or would love to try). There is something really exciting about sex toys that always calls out to me.

Sex toys (or adult toys as some call it) aren’t just a way to get the job done but, they can actually provide a completely new sexual experience and they can truly help you discover yourself when it comes to sexuality. Masturbation is an essential part of one’s individual perception, you must get to know yourself in and out and there is no better way to do so than with some sex toys. With that said, sex toys are not (and should not) be only used for masturbation.

Even though I am a classy lady that doesn’t just have sex with everyone I go on dates with, I am also someone that can be quite the tiger in bed and, with that said, I absolutely love to explore new experiences. One of such ways to explore sexuality with a companion is to incorporate sex toys in the bedroom. So, now you are certainly wondering what sex toys I am not afraid to experiment with and, that is the question I am here to answer.

Pulsing Intimate Arouser

As the knowledgeable gentleman that you are who appreciates the finest (and most sensual) things in life, surely you have heard that showerheads are a girl’s best friend! There is a reason why that is and that is simply because those shower heads shoot water into our lady parts in the most perfect way, truly hitting the spot like nothing else.

Well, there is in fact something that does hit the spot like a shower head and that is a pulsing intimate arouser. If you are looking to see me tremble with excitement, being left with my legs shaking because of it, then this is definitely the best toy for that.

Vibrating Butt Plug

If you are a man that loves beauty in all its shapes and sizes, wanting to incorporate beautiful jewellery into your sex life then I will have you know that I am not afraid of using butt plugs, especially when they offer something in return. A vibrating butt plug is the best way to beautify my voluptuous booty, all while getting me soaking in the juices of excitement.

Enjoy Adult Toys with Canada’s Elite VIP Escort

Overall, I am the kind of woman that is not afraid to experiment, so long as such experiences are respectful to both sides. Sex can be an incredible experience and it can truly make us grow as human beings so, don’t be afraid to experiment because such experiences are what create memories to last a lifetime! I can provide you with an experience you will never forget anywhere in Canada including Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary or Ontario.