David’s Tea With Ebony Escort

Tea for Two?

I’ve been told by some people I know that I really know my tea, after all taking a sip of one fine cup of tea really lifts my spirit. There are lots of places I love to drink tea but one always stands out and it’s at David’s Tea. They have a huge amount of stores all over Canada and its most certainly one of my favorites. You can take me out on a date and experience how it feels like drinking tea with a high class escort Canada like myself. Spoil me with the different flavors of tea and find out which I love the most. Read on and find out.

David’s Tean Specials

Being an elite escort means living up to it’s name, that is why I only love the taste of top-class tea like David’sMaui Madness. It’s such a delight to have a sip of this tea that is why it always is or gets out of stock. Another is the white peach flavor which has been gone from the menu for a long time and for good reason. We can enjoy these delicious drinks together especially on the afternoon and feel the romantic vibe of sunset and afternoon breeze.

Souvenirs And Exclusive Items.

I really do love myself an exquisite cup when going in great tea shops. Treat me with products we can bring home and who knows we might get to have tea back home and use the cups we can exclusively buy from David’s.


David’s Tea has a very large array of tea flavor to choose from and along with it is Matcha in which I really do love. Drinking matcha sets me in the mood for a romantic talk and trust me, your goal should be to get a luxurious escort like me to get to talk to you romantically and who knows where the talk might lead.

Date At The Park With Independent VIP escort

After having a great time choosing tea and different drinks at David’s Tea we can go out on a park nearby and enjoy the vibe along with the tea you just bought me. Nothing tops a good conversation than a conversation with a cup of tea in hand. This is the best time for you to get to know me more for I love sharing my thoughts when I drink tea. You will be surprised how interesting the life of a VIP escort really is when you get me to talk. Spoil me with all the tea in the world and you will make me really happy. Top it all off with a nice conversation and our day might just get somewhere.

Experience A Relaxing Time With Me

You can treat me with all kinds of tea in Toronto but I love nothing more than David’s Tea. Buy me cups I can take home and it’ll truly make me cherish our time together as I use the items you bought me everyday. Have me for the entire time in this romantic tea date we shall have and find out how an Ebony VIP escort reacts when treated with a nice cup of tea. Let us spend a relaxing time with me and I guarantee a day you’ll never forget. Exclusive arrangements available; Contact me directly for more information.