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Best Date Activities In Toronto

Toronto is Canada’s city of lights and, even though it has a lot of different exciting activities and places to be discovered here, it is undeniable that it’s also one of the best cities for romance to truly flourish and for sensuality to be unleashed.

Being a high-class escort in Toronto, I’ve discovered some of the best places where I like to have dates with my elite companions.

Even though what’s most important about spending time with someone is to, well, spend actual time with them, it is also important to choose an activity and place that appeals to romance and that creates the perfect atmosphere for flirting, joking and overall romancing.

With that said, here are some of the best date activities you can have in Toronto!

Relaxing At A Turkish Spa!

This might seem like a very unusual kind of date activity however, this one is mostly targeted towards the elite companions that already have had a couple of dates with me.

A spa can be a truly amazing way to relax and, it gets extra special when you have someone to share those relaxing moments with. Whether you’re used to a spa or not, there is no denying that spending some time naked in a sauna with me by your side can be an unforgettable experience and, a very steamy one at that.

The Hammam Spa in Toronto is one of the best places to do this kind of date because, not only are their services amazing but the spa itself exudes luxury and peace, which is something that is always very appreciated.

Learning At Casa Loma

What is more romantic than to spend the afternoon at an European-style mansion? Not much!

The Casa Loma in Toronto is, not only, a beautiful mansion, full of intricate gardens, gothic-styled architecture and, a lot of history but, it also acts as a museum, making it a very fun and exciting date idea.

Tea At Royal York Hotel

Tea At Royal York Hotel

I am a big fan of tea (in particular matcha green tea), which is why I absolutely love to have some great afternoon tea at the Royal York Hotel. This is one of the finest hotels in Toronto, truly making you feel like royalty so, naturally, it is also a place fitting of a high-class escort and elite companion!

Having tea might not seem like the most exciting activity to have on a first date however, it can create the possibility for us to get to know each other properly, having an amazing conversation while we sip on a warm and cozy cup of tea.


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