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Why Good Manners Are So Hot To Me

As the high-class escort that I am, there are certain aspects that I expect when meeting and engaging with my elite companions. Even though everyone is different and unique in what they like, how they like it and how they perceive and showcase themselves, there are some things to take into consideration when being with me.

One of the most important things that I find attractive in a man is good manners and great hygiene. There is nothing sexier than to see a man that is confident in himself (but not arrogant) that knows how to carry himself with the utmost class and elegance, truly a connoisseur of the finer things in life.

I love a man that is well-groomed, calm and collected, intelligent and that knows how to behave in fancy and high-class environments but, why do I find good manners so attractive, you might ask? Well, the answer is much more simple than you might expect.

Whether you’re from Toronto or even Calgary, class, elegance and good manners are something that should be present at all times, regardless of where you find yourself in. As the luxury escort that I am, I’ve had the pleasure of travelling to many different places and, no matter what place I was in, I always remained collected and with good manners on the front line.

The reason why I find men with good manners so attractive is because they care for how they are perceived in a way that is not too personal but, instead, respectful. A man with good manners respects himself and exudes confidence and, along with it, a lot of sensuality.

The same thing goes for men who know how to dress and groom themselves for the occasion. A man with good hygiene is incredibly hot and, by being that way they usually tend to get me very aroused as well, with sensuality flowing through me the more I get to know them.

Another reason why I absolutely love men with good manners is that it doesn’t only show respect for themselves and the people around them but, it also ensures me that they will show respect towards me. That is a very important thing for a successful high-class escort and companion relationship to flourish.

As a high-class escort in Toronto and environs, there are some rules that I like to be respected in order for my time with my elite companions to be maximized. A man with good manners is much more likely to respect me in that sense than a man without any class.

Don’t get me wrong though, I also love to make a move, to show how much of a sex goddess I really am and to showcase my exotic curves for your eyes to feast on, however, when a gentleman does the same for me, it can truly make me open up in more ways than one, showing you what paradise truly looks like.

Overall, a man with good manners will always be much more attractive than a man that is vulgar and disrespectful so, if you are someone that respects and carries themselves with elegance and class then you are already halfway into my sensual soul.

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