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How I Keep My Body In Shape

One very important aspect of being a high-class escort in Toronto and environs is that my body needs to be at its best at all times! I pride myself on having absolutely stunning natural curves that elongate themselves for days and, for having breasts and a booty that can bring any man to his knees however, that doesn’t come without some effort!

When it comes to taking care of myself (in order to present the best version of myself to my elite companions), I have to watch what I eat and how I burn those calories!

Watching What I Eat

Anyone that truly knows me would say that I am a great cook and, even I would consider myself to be that way as well. I absolutely love cooking and love to taste new foreign foods (with some of my favourite foods being French and Japanese) but, that also means that I love to eat well.

Junk food (even though it’s not bad every once in a while) is something that I tend to avoid, preferring to eat at the finest restaurants, where food is more of an experience, rather than just a way to fill our stomachs. Vegetables, fish and more are always a staple in my food regime in order to keep this body working as it should and looking as magnificent as ever.

Exercise Is Key

Another very important aspect of keeping my body as glorious looking as it does is to exercise and burn the excess calories that have no place being there! Now, with this I don’t mean that I exercise in a very extreme or even unhealthy way but, a bit of exercise every day is always a welcome activity!

Not only does it make me sweat those pesky calories that can linger if they go unnoticed but they also make me have the stamina to be the most enticing and sexually driven high-class escort you’ve ever seen in your entire life.

Pampering Myself

One of the things that my elite companions notice about me when we are in a bedroom alone, undressing each other along the way, is how my skin glows like the sun as it sets on the horizon and, how it’s soft to the touch like the silk woven by Aphrodite herself.

One of the ways that I achieve these results is by properly pampering myself. Having nice and long relaxing bubble baths with lots of oils and minerals that nourish the skin and, of course, using amazing premium moisturizing creams that leave my skin feeling silky smooth as well as smelling heavenly.

Sex Is Also A Great Workout

I would be lying if I said that sex didn’t play a big part in what keeps my body in shape because, after all, sex is a great workout.

It is no secret that I love sex, in fact, that is undoubtedly one of my favourite physical activities. Sex works every muscle in the body while keeping the soul active and running as it should in between moaning, sweats, juices and much more.

High-Class Escort In Canada

At the end of the day, there is a lot that goes into getting my body looking as perfect as it does but, it’s all worth it because, when one of my elite companions drops to his knees as their eyes feast on my exotic curves, my inner sex goddess comes out and shows them what heaven on earth is all about.

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