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My Favorite Places for Custom Cocktails and Delectable Dining in Toronto

The beautiful city of Toronto has so many unique places to choose from when it comes to custom cocktails and delectable dining that it is hard for a luxury escort to decide which of them is her favorite.  For me, the choices are clear.

If you want to impress me on our evening out, then opting for my top choices for cocktails and dinner will no doubt set the mood for an evening neither of us will ever forget.

Custom Cocktails Sure to Start the Night Off Right

The bar on my best-of list for custom cocktails that is sure to make the right impression on your lady for the night offers innovative drinks and a romantic atmosphere.


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Believing that the finest quality can only be achieved by using the finest ingredients available, BarChef brings some of the most spectacular drinks that Toronto has to offer.  Concours from the world over come to partake in the cocktails offered in this sultry scene.

If you are looking to start the night off by igniting the mood for your lady, then BarChef is the place. If romance is on the menu, then kicking things off with a cocktail or mixed drink here is the best way to start your night out on the town in style.

Delectable Dining to Please Our Pallets

Now that you have started our special night off with the right drinks at the right place, it’s time to take me to experience dining at its finest in this great city.


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If you want to experience the history of Canada through dining, Canoe is the place to be.  The chefs at Canoe work directly with local farmers to ensure that they provide their patrons with the most refined foods the country has to offer.

The atmosphere at Canoe is romantic and intimate, yet it is not pretentious.  It invites conversation where you can laugh and be yourself, and it is a beautiful place to get to know someone, hence why it ranks so high on my favorite places to dine on a special night on the town.

Spend an Evening Sipping Cocktails and Dining Like Royalty with a VIP Luxury Escort

Did my choices for the best custom cocktails and delectable dining in Toronto pique your interests?  I hope they did and that you are ready to experience those offerings with me. These places were created to spark conversation and allow us to get to know one another.  Let’s do the night together.

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