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Spend a Night Out on The Town in Style

When it comes to spending a night out on the town in style, Toronto has so many offerings it’s often hard to choose.  The diversity of upper echelon offerings when deciding where to procure libations and sustenance is virtually endless.

If you want to ensure that you are fulfilling your luxury escort or companion’s fantasies on your special night on the town, you will not go wrong with opting for one of my favorites in this category.

The Best Bar to Start the Night Off Right

If your goal is to make an impression on your lady for the evening, then you cannot go wrong with this bar on my best-of list.

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Make sure you have made reservations for this swanky spot that offers a magical atmosphere for appetizers and innovative drinks.  Recently named one of the 50 Best Bars in Canada, Clockwork caters to Toronto’s best-dressed and most exclusive residents, and it knows just how to prepare their pallets for the evening of fine dining that is sure to follow.

Whether you are seeking an open space where you can show off your lady or an intimate space to spend some private moments together, Clockwork provides.

Take Dining to the Next Level

Once you have quenched my thirst with a crafty cocktail, then it’s time to dine me.  If you make reservations at this suggested hot spot, then you are in for the night of your life.

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Harbour 60

This is Toronto’s premier steak house, and it is one of my absolute favorite dining establishments.  Offering a taste of Toronto’s history with every sight and every bite, Harbour 60 is always a winner when it comes to dining at its finest.

If you want to make the experience more intimate, then Reserve a Place for us in one of their private dining rooms.  There we will partake in their delicious offerings.  From steak and seafood to caviar and the most exquisite desserts ever designed, Harbour 60 will make this a night that we will both remember.

Spend the Best Night on the Town in Style in Toronto with a VIP Luxury Escort

If you are intrigued by the suggestions I made on having one of the best nights on the town in style with a VIP escort in Toronto, I hope you are ready to experience these places with me.  We can let the conversation and drinks flow as we share cocktails, and then we can dine at one of the city’s finest.

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Make those reservations for the cocktails and dinner now, in preparation for booking your Date with Me.  I can’t wait to experience these things with you, as you experience the ultimate in pleasure with me.