My Favourite Turn-Ons And Gifts

My Favourite Turn-Ons And Gifts

Being an elite escort often means that I am showered with gifts however when those gifts are properly thought out and are actually in tune with what I like and what I desire, I feel like the high-class companion that has gifted them to me truly cares, thus making me open up like never before. It is undeniable that receiving a gift of any sort is quite nice, however, when you receive a present that you actually genuinely love, it is on a whole other level.

Life isn’t just about gifts, however, which is why I also have a very specific set of turn-ons that truly get me going… Surely, if you’re still reading this, you are curious about who I am as a high-class escort and what my turn-ons and desires are so, keep reading and I’ll give you a taste into my mind, heart and soul.

My Turn-Ons

There are quite a few things that turn me on in a man, however, there is one thing, in particular, that is of utmost importance to me and can really get me to open up properly for my high-class VIP companions. There is nothing hotter than when a man has good hygiene and, there is nothing more disgusting than when a man is unkempt. I find that good hygiene is one of my biggest turn-ons because, after all, when a man has that cologne that can drive any woman crazy, who could resist?

My Desires

Who doesn’t enjoy receiving gifts? I certainly do but, sometimes, I can definitely be a bit particular about what I want and what I like. There are many things that I find to be a fantastic gift, for example, when it comes to beauty, Sephora is one of my favourite beauty stores in the whole world, after all, the makeup that they sell is top-notch so, you can never truly go wrong with it. When it comes to food (and those who know me know how much I love the culinary arts, both cooking and baking), I do enjoy my tea, therefore I always make sure to have a vast selection on display, whenever I need it.

In case you are wanting to gift me something a little bit more private, however, something that should only be gifted behind closed doors, I do enjoy my fair share of sex toys. Sex toys can truly make a night shine, no matter the circumstance because, with sex toys, sex itself can be incredibly enhanced.

High-Class Escort In Canada

Overall there are many different kinds of desires that I have but, at the end of the day, things are also not always about gifts. Sometimes, the most amazing moments come naturally from pure companionship and that is something that I cherish very dear to my heart. I am the kind of woman to always provide a good time to my high-class companions, full of fun, flirting, sensuality and friendship. I am the elite escort that you’ve been looking for so, what are you waiting for?