Shop ‘Till We Drop - The Hottest Shopping Spots For Us To Tour In Canada

Shop ‘Till We Drop – The Hottest Shopping Spots For Us To Tour In Canada

Canada is full of magic, beauty and wonders, however, some of those wonders are not even natural! Being a VIP elite escort like myself, I tend to absolutely adore shopping, I mean, what woman wouldn’t, right? Shopping is such a revigorating and exciting experience. To browse the isles, looking for that outstanding item that will perfectly enhance your every feature is truly an adventure unlike any other.

Canada has a lot of places where shopping can be enjoyed however, some of these places definitely stand out from the rest. Whether it is because of how good they look, how the overall vibe settles or just how fantastic the stores are, today we will talk about the hottest spots to shop in Canada!

The Mink Mile (Bloor Street West), Toronto

Bloor Street West (most commonly known as the mink mile) is the hottest street in Canada right now when it comes to high-end fashion shopping of course. With its highrise buildings surrounding every corner of the street, with amazing eye-catching stores dazzled on each side, it is a shopping street where one can truly get lost in. I often find myself coming here more often than I would originally plan, simply because there is always something to see, something to experience and something to buy that you always feel the need to have!

The Mink Mile is truly the Disneyland of the high-class adults and it is one place that I could spend all day in!

Bloor-Yorkville, Toronto VIP elite escort

In the midst of the concrete jungle that Toronto is, filled with skyscrapers and high rise buildings that flood every single street, there is a delightfully charming little neighbourhood called Bloor-Yorkville that, just so happens to be one of the best places to shop when it comes to high-end names such as Gucci, Prada, Hermes, Holt Renfrew and more! The Victorian style of this pocket of downtown Toronto truly enhances the whole shopping experience, with the overall surroundings being just as delightful and elegant as the items we buy!

Robson Street, Vancouver

Stretching from downtown Vancouver to the cities west end is Robson Street, one of (if not) the best streets to shop in all of Vancouver. With a vast variety of stores that sell all sorts of products and items such as jewellery, shoes, clothing, sunglasses, souvenirs and much more, there is always something to see here and definitely some pennies to spend!

Hottest spots to shop in Canada with VIP Elite Escort

Even if you are not the biggest fan of shopping, there is still a lot to see here. With fantastic buildings and a street that extends itself far and wide, there is a lot to be discovered and always something for everyone’s taste. If you’re looking for an elite companion that knows exactly what she’s doing, knowing how to browse the isles, find what she wants and acquire it then look no further than here, for I am the perfect company that you are seeking.

Shopping does not have to be a drag because, with me wrapped around your arm, we’ll have the time of our lives!