Lets Explore Nova Scotia Together

njoy time in Nova scotia with VIP escort

When my inner self shines for travel, I feel the glow from inside.

Nature attracts me in several ways, and something as peaceful and serene as Nova Scotia can flood everyone’s heart with excitement and joy. I adore and appreciate natural beauty like nothing else.

Cape Briton’s Highland National Park

Cape Briton’s Highland National Park


Have you spent a day in one of the most enchanting places where mountains meet the sea? Nova Scotia’s Cape Briton’s Highland national park is one of the places where you can enjoy the world-famous Cabot Trail coastline and cross the lush forest and rust-colored cliffs of Cape Briton. The rugged landscape and maritime climate will never disappoint you for your visit. As a nature lover, I want to be mesmerized by this natural beauty, and it will be a real pleasure to spend a day with a companion who thinks the same.

Halifax Harbor

Halifax Harbor


You can join me to visit Halifax Harbor, one of the most visited destinations in Nova Scotia. The casual walk from the Canadian Museum Immigration of Pier 21 to Casino Nova Scotia is a four-kilometer boardwalk. While walking, we can explore the boutique shops and museums. It will be a pleasure to dine at the waterfront restaurants while talking about ourselves. We can also grab a ferry to Dartmouth to enjoy the trip. In the evening, watch the sunset and the boats on a patio over the harbor. Let’s immerse ourselves in the rich history of Halifax and take the ultimate favor of the local food and surroundings.



It is always fascinating for me to spend time in an old town like Lunenburg, designated as a UNESCO Heritage Site. The colorful facades of this town greet its visitors with its original colonial buildings. Its distinctive waterfront and colorful buildings will make anyone feel like visiting a wonderland. Along with having many amazing stories of the 18th and 19th Centuries, the town has beautiful restaurants, breweries, and charming shops. We can walk through the colorful town to enjoy nature and history.

Port-Royal National Historic Site


Port -Royal has a lasting legacy of European settlement, which you can still feel today. The Port-Royal National Historic Site features a reconstruction of the habitation, the colonies of early 17th Century buildings, which gives the essence of the early days of French explorations. In addition, there is a self-guided tour with incredible viewpoints of the Annapolis Basin, Annapolis River, and Goat Island.

Annapolis Royal Historic Garden

Annapolis Royal Historic Garden


Need an escape from the hectic everyday boring life and enjoy leisure? Let’s visit the Royal Historic Site and explore the premiere Nova Scotia attraction. The garden overlooking the tidal rival valley in a tranquil setting is itself a paradise to visit.

Let’s Explore the Nature Together with high class independent Escort

If you appreciate the beauty, you will never regret spending a day with me exclusively exploring Nova Scotia. The refreshing nature and the local entertainment will surely spice up our day. I’m Amelia Van Doren, and whether you want a luxury escort or an ebony beauty like myself to accompany you on your adventures, I’m the one to deliver you the adventure, sensuality, and class you desire. We can spend quality time together, and you can experience the ultimate pleasure. So to find out my desires and book a date to join me on this leisure trip.



Be With Me Under The Sea

Scuba Diving With An Elite Escort

Summer is at its peak and what better way to spend it than to be with me under the sea. Take me on a scuba diving date where you can get to be with me, a VIP escort on an awesome adventure underwater.

Canada has lots of options to choose from when it comes to scuba diving, one being the Aquarius Scuba Diving Centre in Toronto. The venue has lots of activities to take a luxury escort  Toronto such as me on a romantic date. Toronto’s underwater world is so magnificent that when we are down under, everywhere you look will be such a delight even as you look at me as you will have me for yourself the entire adventure. By now I know you are already wondering about the activities we’ll do together, well read on and find out.

Reef Diving

Reef diving is one of the most exciting activity in scuba diving. When we descend and get to the sea floor, we get to be with the wonders of nature which are the coral reefs where fishes live, and to be there means we get to walk and see miles and miles of the sea floor filled with fishes living inside different coral reefs with different colors. It truly is a great way to spend a romantic getaway with ahigh-class escort like me. You get to be with me and just me.

Wreck Diving

Aside from walking with the fishes there is another thing we can do under the sea floor, and that is going inside a ship wreckage. Nothing screams adventure and romance more than going inside ships that once roamed the seas. As we go inside these ships we can stay inside it and uncover the haunted stories as to how these ships sank in the first place.

Underwater Photo and Video Shoot

While doing all these activities you can take pictures of me or we can take videos together as we go on with our romantic dive. Take photos of me with the fishes or in front of wonderful landscapes hidden by the sea.

Dive Caching

Nothing will top this next activity because this one will really give us the most interaction we so crave together because in this activity we will go on a treasure hunt. As an elite ebony escort, everything in me screams luxury, which goes along with the equipment we’ll use in this activity. We will hunt treasures with high tech and top of the line equipment.

Seafood Dinner

After all the activities we just went through we could go to nearby seafood restaurants where we could enjoy each other’s company whilst witnessing the ever-romantic sunset. Restaurants beside the sea really provides the sense of companionship and it gives off that romantic vibe we just built throughout the day.

Experience Luxurious Scuba Diving With An Elite Escort

We can try all these activities together whilst enjoying each other’s company, and if by chance you are a beginner at scuba diving, we’ll book a scuba diving lesson instead. Book a date with VIP Elite Escort Canada to experience ultimate pleasure experienced or not I’m sure we will both have a wonderful time together. Experience the ultimate in pleasure by booking a date with a luxury escort in Canada. Find out my desires and more about me here.

Tea for Two?

David’s Tea With Ebony Escort

I’ve been told by some people I know that I really know my tea, after all taking a sip of one fine cup of tea really lifts my spirit. There are lots of places I love to drink tea but one always stands out and it’s at David’s Tea. They have a huge amount of stores all over Canada and its most certainly one of my favorites. You can take me out on a date and experience how it feels like drinking tea with a high class escort Canada like myself. Spoil me with the different flavors of tea and find out which I love the most. Read on and find out.

David’s Tean Specials

Being an elite escort means living up to it’s name, that is why I only love the taste of top-class tea like David’sMaui Madness. It’s such a delight to have a sip of this tea that is why it always is or gets out of stock. Another is the white peach flavor which has been gone from the menu for a long time and for good reason. We can enjoy these delicious drinks together especially on the afternoon and feel the romantic vibe of sunset and afternoon breeze.

Souvenirs And Exclusive Items.

I really do love myself an exquisite cup when going in great tea shops. Treat me with products we can bring home and who knows we might get to have tea back home and use the cups we can exclusively buy from David’s.


David’s Tea has a very large array of tea flavor to choose from and along with it is Matcha in which I really do love. Drinking matcha sets me in the mood for a romantic talk and trust me, your goal should be to get a luxurious escort like me to get to talk to you romantically and who knows where the talk might lead.

Date At The Park With Independent VIP escort

After having a great time choosing tea and different drinks at David’s Tea we can go out on a park nearby and enjoy the vibe along with the tea you just bought me. Nothing tops a good conversation than a conversation with a cup of tea in hand. This is the best time for you to get to know me more for I love sharing my thoughts when I drink tea. You will be surprised how interesting the life of a VIP escort really is when you get me to talk. Spoil me with all the tea in the world and you will make me really happy. Top it all off with a nice conversation and our day might just get somewhere.

Experience A Relaxing Time With Me

You can treat me with all kinds of tea in Toronto but I love nothing more than David’s Tea. Buy me cups I can take home and it’ll truly make me cherish our time together as I use the items you bought me everyday. Have me for the entire time in this romantic tea date we shall have and find out how an Ebony VIP escort reacts when treated with a nice cup of tea. Let us spend a relaxing time with me and I guarantee a day you’ll never forget. Exclusive arrangements available; Contact me directly for more information.

Explore The Heavens With Me

VIP Ebony Elite Escort

Have you ever experienced the world below from the clouds? Scenic air travel brings such an authentic and thrilling feel of an escapade to me. Helicopter scenic flights have a completely different perspective rather than traveling on the grounds. From the comfort of my seat, I can explore from a stunning landscape view to superficial local attractions in a bird’s eye view.

Sightseeing the world at leisure from the air is satisfying to watch the city’s magic or nature from a dizzying height. However, quality time with a special person, along with the heavenly views, can make your journey exceptional.

Fly Low with Me

Helicopter’s maneuverability and accessibility enable them to land on any beach or remote places which are not always possible to explore in a short period. If you want to closely experience the beauty of fantastic rock formations and enchanting waterfalls, the heli-tour is always pre-eminent.

Traveling in more than one location and viewing the treasure of nature so closely that it seems you might touch them from above is extraordinary. Knowing the unknown with a unique partner will give you a chance to traverse yourself. It’s a feeling of refreshing your life from a new angle in a single day.

Reach New Heights

I begin to marvel at the natural beauty and wonder of the earth while flying above the ground. It takes me to a new height of self-exploration. A helicopter tour is an entirely different gift than anything precious in the world. A day exploring the micro-worlds from above with a beautiful companion beside is a whole intimate experience. Choosing the enticing tour and spending sensational moments with me at the top of the world can be a lifetime memory for you.

Heli-Tour with Luxury Escort

Traveling alone is a feeling of peace for the souls of few people. For others traveling with a mate is peace of mind. When you travel with someone incomparable and with a taste, the moment becomes divine. You come to know about that person’s small likes and dislikes, which makes the initial bonding last long. The boundless happiness in exploring your new cherished mate is a fortune itself.

The experience of traveling becomes pleasurable if you can share it with someone who understands. When you have a great companion with you, knowing the unknowns of this universe can feel like heaven. Once you taste the height by getting familiar with someone elite, you will never regret it and always long to return.

Enjoy a Private Tour with Luxury Escort in Canada

I love surprises – I desire some of the best things for me from my companion, and you can surprise me with anything. Along with that, a scenic private helicopter tour is always highly fascinating for me. So spend a glorious day only with me on a private helicopter tour. Let’s explore each other in the lap of nature and Book a Date to enjoy the company of a Luxury Escort in Canada. I promise a night you’ll never forget. Also, I can be your private companion in CalgaryTorontoVancouver or Quebec. Book a date and experience the ultimate in pleasure. Find out my desires and more about me here.








Why Confidentiality Is So Important To Me

Elite VIP Escort Canada in white

As a Canadian luxury ebony escort, I have had the pleasure of working with amazing high-class individuals that appreciate the finer things in life, all with a gorgeous femme fatale like myself by their side. I have been on many dates with my companions, from fine restaurants to VIP lounges, I am no stranger when it comes to the high life and everything that comes with it. With that said and, considering that I have (and still have) had many dates with high-class VIP companions in Toronto, Ontario and so on, I have also been asked many times for discretion, even if, in my eyes, that is something that did not need asking.

I am not a novice VIP escort in Canada, in fact, I would even say that I am quite the expert, having had many experiences throughout the years working in the field. I know that my clients are oftentimes individuals with big names and reputations that would prefer our moments together to go under the radar, to not be shared with the world and I could not agree more. Even though many people don’t know this, I am also a very private person and, because of it, I take confidentiality, discretion and privacy very seriously.

My goal when I go on a date with a high-class companion is always to have fun, to provide them with my company and to hear them and talk to them as if we have been friends for a very long time but, how do I keep this confidentiality that is so required as an escort?

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)

Some companions (particularly the ones that are new to booking VIP escorts in Canada like me) tend to be quite nervous when it comes to asking me to sign a non-disclosure agreement, however, there is absolutely no need to be! As the experienced high-class ebony escort, I am, I completely understand the need to sign an NDA, after all, ensuring that the date will go under the radar by legal means might just be the most efficient way to do so.

Whether you are new to booking escorts or you have been doing so for a very long time, if you are wondering if you can ask me to sign a non-disclosure agreement, the answer will always be “yes” because I value privacy, confidentiality and discretion as much as you do.

Your Secrets Are Safe With Me

I have had many companions trusting their secrets with me (after all that is what I am here for) and I can say that none of them have ever been spilt! I do not care what you are doing to your wife by hanging out with me (nor if you have one or not), when we go on a date together, we are there to have fun and enjoy each other’s company so, nothing else matters!

Confidentiality is the kind of aspect that comes along with being a high-class escort and that is something that I never slack on. Your secrets will always be safe with me and you can be certain that your name will never leave our table (or our bed) so, come along for this journey and enjoy all that a high-class ebony escort in Canada like me has to offer!

Get In Touch with Amelia Van Doren

You can see what makes high-class ebony escort Canada excited and what makes me happy. I can visit you in CalgaryTorontoVancouver or anywhere in Canada. Book a date online with me now for an experience you will never forget.

Sex Toys I’m Not Afraid To Play With

Enjoy Adult Toys with Canada’s Elite VIP Escort

Even though sex toys are becoming more and more acceptable, sometimes there is still some form of taboo around them. Some people might just be incredibly reserved and would rather rely on their hand instead of a piece of plastic (and that is completely fine) however, me being the luxury ebony escort that I am, I am not one of those people that is reserved about what kind of sex toys I love ( or would love to try). There is something really exciting about sex toys that always calls out to me.

Sex toys (or adult toys as some call it) aren’t just a way to get the job done but, they can actually provide a completely new sexual experience and they can truly help you discover yourself when it comes to sexuality. Masturbation is an essential part of one’s individual perception, you must get to know yourself in and out and there is no better way to do so than with some sex toys. With that said, sex toys are not (and should not) be only used for masturbation.

Even though I am a classy lady that doesn’t just have sex with everyone I go on dates with, I am also someone that can be quite the tiger in bed and, with that said, I absolutely love to explore new experiences. One of such ways to explore sexuality with a companion is to incorporate sex toys in the bedroom. So, now you are certainly wondering what sex toys I am not afraid to experiment with and, that is the question I am here to answer.

Pulsing Intimate Arouser

As the knowledgeable gentleman that you are who appreciates the finest (and most sensual) things in life, surely you have heard that showerheads are a girl’s best friend! There is a reason why that is and that is simply because those shower heads shoot water into our lady parts in the most perfect way, truly hitting the spot like nothing else.

Well, there is in fact something that does hit the spot like a shower head and that is a pulsing intimate arouser. If you are looking to see me tremble with excitement, being left with my legs shaking because of it, then this is definitely the best toy for that.

Vibrating Butt Plug

If you are a man that loves beauty in all its shapes and sizes, wanting to incorporate beautiful jewellery into your sex life then I will have you know that I am not afraid of using butt plugs, especially when they offer something in return. A vibrating butt plug is the best way to beautify my voluptuous booty, all while getting me soaking in the juices of excitement.

Enjoy Adult Toys with Canada’s Elite VIP Escort

Overall, I am the kind of woman that is not afraid to experiment, so long as such experiences are respectful to both sides. Sex can be an incredible experience and it can truly make us grow as human beings so, don’t be afraid to experiment because such experiences are what create memories to last a lifetime! I can provide you with an experience you will never forget anywhere in Canada including Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary or Ontario.

My Must-Haves For A Relaxing Day

My Must-Haves For A Relaxing Day

Relaxation is incredibly important for any person out there in the world (especially in the current times we are living in) however, it is especially more important for me, an elite escort that must always be at her best in order to provide my high-class companions with the best possible service. I take mental health very seriously, which is why I always make time to relax and unwind after a day of romance and companionship. If we leave stress unattended, it can truly creep up on you in a snowball effect, growing bigger and bigger, the longer we ignore it. Because I know how important it is to take care of our mental health, I always make time to relax, however, there are some specific things that I do to achieve this state of bliss.

The Right Drink

It is not uncommon for, at the end of a long day, to have a nice drink that will soothe the soul. There are truly a couple of drinks that do it for me in ways that no others can. My two favourite drinks that really get me to relax, unwind and decompress are tea (which I can’t go a day without) and a nice glass of refined red wine. These drinks truly get me to let go of all the stress and worries of normal day to day life, all things that life as a high-class escort in Canada can bring.

A Day At The Spa

Nothing beats a nice, relaxing day at the spa, feeling the sauna’s steam sink into my exotic ebony skin, the massages untying every single knot on my soft curves and the sounds relaxing my mind. One of my favourite spas to go to has to be the spa at Four Seasons in Toronto. There is just something so special about that establishment that makes me feel like I have just entered heaven whenever I step in. Sharing a spa day with an elite companion, however, takes relaxation to a whole other level because there is nothing better but to share pure bliss and surround it with sensuality.


There is something very special and therapeutic about shopping. The act of browsing the endless isles, looking for that perfect item that will elevate my body to heights previously unthinkable is absolute paradise and, when I finally get home after a full day of shopping, it truly feels like I’ve had an adventure that I will be able to enjoy next time I prepare my sexy outfits for my high-class friends.


Those who know me know that I am a big lover of cooking. I love everything that has to do it and, in fact, most of my friends and family would certainly say that I am a very good cook. My food is always a hit, regardless of the dish and that is because cooking feels like a hug. It is a very comforting feeling to see the dish come together as I mix the ingredients and let them marry in a midst of heat and steam.

Spend a Relaxing and fun Day with High-class Escort

Relaxing will always be a very important part of my lifestyle and one that I cannot live without so, why not join me and share the bliss of relaxation with each other? Make an appointment with Canada’s High-class ebony escort and companion.

Shop ‘Till We Drop – The Hottest Shopping Spots For Us To Tour In Canada

Shop ‘Till We Drop - The Hottest Shopping Spots For Us To Tour In Canada

Canada is full of magic, beauty and wonders, however, some of those wonders are not even natural! Being a VIP elite escort like myself, I tend to absolutely adore shopping, I mean, what woman wouldn’t, right? Shopping is such a revigorating and exciting experience. To browse the isles, looking for that outstanding item that will perfectly enhance your every feature is truly an adventure unlike any other.

Canada has a lot of places where shopping can be enjoyed however, some of these places definitely stand out from the rest. Whether it is because of how good they look, how the overall vibe settles or just how fantastic the stores are, today we will talk about the hottest spots to shop in Canada!

The Mink Mile (Bloor Street West), Toronto

Bloor Street West (most commonly known as the mink mile) is the hottest street in Canada right now when it comes to high-end fashion shopping of course. With its highrise buildings surrounding every corner of the street, with amazing eye-catching stores dazzled on each side, it is a shopping street where one can truly get lost in. I often find myself coming here more often than I would originally plan, simply because there is always something to see, something to experience and something to buy that you always feel the need to have!

The Mink Mile is truly the Disneyland of the high-class adults and it is one place that I could spend all day in!

Bloor-Yorkville, Toronto VIP elite escort

In the midst of the concrete jungle that Toronto is, filled with skyscrapers and high rise buildings that flood every single street, there is a delightfully charming little neighbourhood called Bloor-Yorkville that, just so happens to be one of the best places to shop when it comes to high-end names such as Gucci, Prada, Hermes, Holt Renfrew and more! The Victorian style of this pocket of downtown Toronto truly enhances the whole shopping experience, with the overall surroundings being just as delightful and elegant as the items we buy!

Robson Street, Vancouver

Stretching from downtown Vancouver to the cities west end is Robson Street, one of (if not) the best streets to shop in all of Vancouver. With a vast variety of stores that sell all sorts of products and items such as jewellery, shoes, clothing, sunglasses, souvenirs and much more, there is always something to see here and definitely some pennies to spend!

Hottest spots to shop in Canada with VIP Elite Escort

Even if you are not the biggest fan of shopping, there is still a lot to see here. With fantastic buildings and a street that extends itself far and wide, there is a lot to be discovered and always something for everyone’s taste. If you’re looking for an elite companion that knows exactly what she’s doing, knowing how to browse the isles, find what she wants and acquire it then look no further than here, for I am the perfect company that you are seeking.

Shopping does not have to be a drag because, with me wrapped around your arm, we’ll have the time of our lives!