The Best Hotels In Alberta

The Best Hotels In Alberta - Amelia Van Doren

After a long night of amazing food and some of the most refined restaurants in Alberta and, of course, some fantastic drinks and flirtatious conversations shared between each other in one of the most pristine bars around, nothing feels better than laying our beautiful serene heads on the elegant pillows that the best hotels that Alberta has to offer! Alberta is known to have some of the most beautiful natural vistas in the world, full of lakes, mountains and wooden areas that truly make you feel like you’re in winter paradise and, the hotels in the area definitely take advantage of that, making it very suitable for a VIP escort and companion relationship to flourish, however, which of these hotels are the ones to keep in mind?

Fairmont Chateau, Lake Louise

Fairmont Chateau, Lake Louise

Fairmont Chateau in Lake Louise is an example of how to merge a luxury hotel with a cottage view. It sits right next to Lake Louise with a full view of its splendours. From the beautiful misty mountains that sit in the distance, to the forest of pine trees and greenery that surrounds the vast crystal clear lake, this hotel is one of the best in Alberta and it’s very clear why that is. It not only provides one of the most beautiful natural vistas in Alberta but it also matches it up with fantastic service and rooms that are truly fit for royalty.

The best way to describe Farimont Chateau would be to say that it is a royalty-fitting luxury cottage that can make the coldest of hearts melt.

Fairmont Banff Springs

Fairmont Banff Springs

While Fairmount Chateau could be described as a fancy cottage (per se), the Fairmont Banff would be best described as an absolute fairytale-like castle. It simply looks like a Disney castle in its exterior design and its inside is even better. Beautifully accented ceilings, extremely luxurious classical decoration and the fact that it is sitting right in the middle of a pine tree forest make it a very magical and unforgettable hotel. It also has incredible amenities such as an inside pool, bar, golf course, skiing courses and much more.

Sure, it might not be the closest hotel to civilization but, it is truly worth it when we get to spend the night in such a serene place, enjoying the romance and peace that comes with sleeping in a castle-looking hotel in the middle of the forest.

Le Germain Hotel Calgary

Le Germain Hotel Calgary

Even though classic style hotels can be an absolute dream to sleep in, there is something truly outstanding about modern decoration and Le Germain is the perfect example of how modern decoration can be a splendorous artform. Sitting in the middle of Calgary, Le Germain keeps its decoration incredibly modern while keeping its services classically luxurious, with a view to the city that can make for some very star-struck nights.

Le Germain Hotel also has a lounge that is very well regarded for its quality and elegance, so we can enjoy some fantastic drinks before we head down to sleep land.

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Alberta is beautiful for its natural scenery however, their hotels are just as worthy of praise and there is nothing that I love more than to sleep in a beautiful place after an amazing night of getting to know each other. If you’re looking for a hotel where you can wind down with your luxury escort in Alberta, these are some of the best.

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The Best Bars In Toronto

The Best Bars In Toronto - Amelia Van Doren

Toronto is a beautiful lively city that truly can make dreams come true. I absolutely love the sense of community and interaction that this city provides, not to mention, the diversity in cultures and venues that are on display for anyone (visitor or resident) to take advantage of. There’s a reason why I love Toronto so much and that goes way beyond the beauty that comes with a sprawling city. The bars are sophisticated and provide a great experience when I go on dates with my companions.

There are a vast plethora of fantastic bars in Toronto that provide the right atmosphere when it comes to dates between luxury escorts and companions. Naturally and with Toronto being one of my favourite cities, I have established some of my favourite bars and, today, that is exactly what I’ll be talking about.



Clockwork is one of those Toronto bars that just screams luxury and class. When it comes to dates, it is truly the best and most pleasing spot to get to know someone and to have some flirtatious comments flowing around each other, all accompanied by their amazingly refined and carefully crafted drinks. The decoration is also a very strong suit of the Clockwork. The carefully worked establishment provides a very golden aspect to the overall room, making it feel like you are drinking among queens and kings, such as we are.



Now, where Clockwork takes its decoration to a lighter side of gold, making everything feel luxurious but still pretty light, the Barchef flips that concept upside down, bringing darker tones to the table, which provides a much more sultry and sensual tone to the evening. Its decoration provides a sense of elegance and luxury, all while maintaining the feeling of sensuality and romance however, even though the decoration is truly fantastic, the drinks are what truly make this place so special.

Much like any other bar on this list, Barchef provides its customers with specially crafted and refined drinks that are truly splendorous, however, they take it a step further. If there is one word that could describe Barchef it would be creativity because their drinks are displayed as if they were works of art and, after that first sip, you truly start to understand why!

The Cloak Bar

The Cloak Bar

Sometimes, spending the night at a bar that still provides a fancy vibe but tends to be a little bit less extreme than the previous mentions can truly be quite refreshing, which is where The Cloak Bar excels. The decoration is impeccable (still with darker tones and warm lighting that make for very romantic and sensual moments) while the drinks and food served are refined and classy, done by truly skilled crafters. Even though The Cloak Bar might not provide an unforgettable experience like the other mentions on this list, it still gets the job done with the utmost class and expertise.

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There is no shortage of bars and lounges in Toronto and all are worthy of mention and praise however, only some of them are ideal for a luxury escort like me to get to know you and truly let the conversation flow naturally and beautifully. I hope to share a drink with you in one of these bars and hope that you will like them just as much as I do.

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The Best Spots To Ski In Canada

Ski in Canada - Ebony Companion & Date

When it comes to sports, one of my favourites is, undoubtedly, skiing. There is just something incredibly thrilling (albeit beautiful and harmonious) about sliding down a snow-covered hill or mountain, dodging obstacles and feeling the wind rushing through my body as I slide closer and closer to the finish line.

In a way, skiing almost feels like a dance that nature only intended to be performed once the colder months grace us with their snowflakes but, lucky for us in Canada, there are plenty of places around the country that allow for some pretty fun and exciting skiing!

Whether you’re curious about what places I love when it comes to skiing or, whether you’re thinking of enjoying that amazing sport with me by your side, as our bodies intertwine in a sea of excitement and enjoyment, here are some of my favourite spots to ski in Canada.

Whistler Blackcomb

When it comes to skiing resorts, nothing quite comes close to Whistler Blackcomb when it comes to its sheer size and scope. This is the largest skiing resort in Canada and, it’s definitely quite an impressive feat when we step onto its soil and see the horizon that, seemingly, has no end in sight.

This is the kind of skiing resort that stretches for miles on end, with beauty around every nook and cranny that truly makes for an unforgettable skiing adventure. It boasts a whopping 8,172 acres of skiable terrain, not to mention that it has some very impressive luxury hotels that are worth visiting for a more relaxed and lounging experience.

Mont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant is the kind of skiing resort that is absolutely perfect to spend a weekend or two exploring and skiing around, as long as it’s not on the actual weekends, of course! The bad part about this resort is that, on the weekends, it is completely flooded by crowds and, that is never pleasant, however, the good part definitely outshines the bad.

The best part about Mont Tremblant (apart from the skiable terrain) is the fact that its village resembles a quaint, beautiful European town that looks like its birthplace may have been in France

There is something about French culture that truly makes me feel like royalty and, this alpine resort definitely takes the cake on how a ski resort can truly transport us to other cultures around the world.

Lake Louise

Last but certainly not least is Lake Louise. This ski resort looks like it came straight out of a postcard and that is unbeatable. It may not be the biggest ski resort ever but, its stunning scenery and world-class terrain (that makes skiing a breeze) are undoubtedly its strongest points.
There’s truly something special about seeing the lake stretch out for miles on end as we are skiing down a slope that is unmatched with a lot of other skiing resorts out there in the world.

Spend Time Skiing with VIP Luxury Escort

Skiing is definitely a lot of fun but, it is always a lot more enjoyable with someone by our side so, let’s get to know each other and feel the thrills of sliding down a slippery slope as our souls intertwine with each other.

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How Cooking Can Be A Therapeutic Experience

Cooking for Therapy - Book a date with VIP Black Escort

The people that know me know, first and foremost that, beyond my enticing looks, soft curves and bubbly personality, there is a great cook in me, always ready to craft dishes that impress even the most doubtful of palates.

Even though most people (me included) would say that I’m a great cook, a lot of them don’t know that being a great cook comes from the passion for food and for creating new fantastic dishes by mixing and matching ingredients and seeing them transform right before our very eyes.

Cooking is a beautiful and very inspiring activity that goes beyond trying to fill someone’s stomach. Cooking is creativity and science all in one package and, when mingled together, they can truly expand the horizons of what tastes one is able to experience.

When I cook, it is not just a matter of making sure that the food tastes great but, it’s about creating an unforgettable experience and, I mean that as the final product and the process to achieve it as well.

The act of cooking is just as rewarding and enlightening as tasting the food itself and, in fact, it is actually quite therapeutic as well.

When someone is cooking, they are present, they are living in the moment and they are aware of the changes that are happening in the ingredients as the heat rises or the cold deepens.

Whether the recipe involves baking, frying, grilling, boiling or anything in between, it is always therapeutic in some way or another but, what exactly makes it therapeutic?

Cooking has several different kinds of therapeutic value for both the body, the mind and the soul.


In terms of its therapeutic value for the body, the answer is quite simple as to why that happens. Cooking requires control, it requires a steady hand and, some stamina and endurance as well. When cooking, one is moving from place to place, chopping ingredients, mixing them together, folding them, etc.

This is a great way to make the blood flow through the body as the joints and muscles are getting a nice workout at the same time.


In terms of the mind, cooking benefits sensory awareness and, also, memorization.

When it comes to sensory awareness, cooking has a great role to play here, after all, you have to be aware of the temperatures and how to not burn yourself, how to keep watch on the food and understand when it is cooked or not, among other things.

When it comes to memorization, it also directly ties it into sensory awareness because, at the end of the day, if you don’t know how long a turkey should be in the oven and, if you don’t remember to constantly check it, it might burn to a crisp or become extremely dry.


Cooking encourages creativity which can be a healing process in itself. When you’re feeling stuck in life or without any motivation for anything, being creative in one form or another can be truly therapeutic and, cooking is perfect for that.

The mixing of ingredients, the plating of the dish and everything in between truly calls for creativity on a level that is deep and exciting to the core.

Overall cooking is truly a healing activity that goes beyond the food itself and, that is definitely one of the reasons why I absolutely adore it.

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Travelling And I Go Hand In Hand

Travel around Canada with an elite ebony escort

I’ve enjoyed my fair share of travelling throughout my life. From exotic countries and locations that would absolutely blow anyone’s mind away, to different cultures that we can always learn something from, travelling is a huge passion of mine and one of the things that I never get tired of.

There’s a sense of exploration and adventure connected with travelling that can truly make me feel alive and like I am one with the world as a whole. With so many different cultures around the world, so many different places and so many different ways to enjoy life, I find it fascinating to discover these places and see life through the locals’ eyes.

Travelling and I go hand in hand. I’m a very sociable woman with a bubbly personality so, inevitably, I like to get to know new people, see new places and discover new cultures and, when I do that with an elite companion that knows how to handle such an enticing luxury escort like me, it can truly be a dreamy experience.

When I talk about travelling, I don’t just mean exploring new countries either! There are many different amazing places in Canada to travel to that can truly break the monotony of a daily routine in the best way possible.

Canada has a vast plethora of luxury hotels that are worthy of being monuments in their own right and, scenery that can take the breath away from even the most skeptical of travellers.

There are many different benefits that come with travelling and today, I will talk about some of the benefits that travelling has on me and why discovering new experiences, locations and cultures can be a very enlightening event.

Discovering New Cuisines

Those that know me well are very well aware that I’m a great cook so, therefore, I absolutely love cuisine as well. Discovering new flavours and how these can be implemented, mixed and matched to create completely new experiences is a paradise for my palate.

It is often said that the best way to get to know someone’s culture is by the food that they offer and, that couldn’t be any more accurate! The different foods that cultures around the world offer reflect their struggles, their victories and their taste.

It is like discovering a whole new world while being immersed in it, all from the delicate touch of our mouths.

Self Development

Another great benefit that travelling truly has in me is the fact that it contributes greatly to self-development. By seeing and experiencing the way that other cultures live their lives, how they go about their daily routines and how they function as a society can truly open one’s eyes to how blessed we truly are.

This humbles a person, it makes them want to be better and grow substantially and, that is exactly what happens when I travel. The more I see other locations the more I realize that, even though the world is small, there are entire micro worlds in every single one of us, waiting to be explored.

Travel with VIP Luxury Escort

There are many other benefits that travelling has and, I could write about them all day but, these are just some of the most important ones that, when shared with an elite companion, can be paradise on earth.

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What Theatres To Visit When In Toronto

Theatres in Toronto - Book a Date with Elite Toronto Escort

When on a date and, after an amazingly refined dinner at some of the best restaurants in Toronto (with some of my favourite being Harbour 60 and Carisma), there is nothing better than to head onto the theatre and watch a revigorating play that will leave us thinking about it for days to come.

There is something truly special, inspiring and timeless about watching actors perform live, shooting their lines at each other as emotional expressions are displayed raw in front of an audience of hundreds of people.

A theatre is truly a magical place where stories are told and, personally, I am a big fan of watching live theatre shows with an elite companion because, as the luxury escort that I am, I appreciate the finer things in life and, art is no different.

Even though a theatre is always a magical place, there are definitely some in Toronto that undoubtedly stand out from the rest.

Whether it is by their intricately beautiful architecture or the history that has taken place within its walls, here are some of the best theatres to visit when in Toronto, regardless of whether you’re new to the city or whether you’ve lived here all your life.

The Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre Centre

This theatre is regarded as a historical site and, for very good reason. It was built in 1913 and later restored in 1980 and, truth be told, when you step into this centre stage, you truly understand the reason as to why it is a must-visit when in Toronto.

The ceiling is beautifully detailed, with accents of gold and a delightfully elegant palette of reds that truly stands out, creating an aura of elegance and sophistication that is exquisite in its own right.

Watching a show here will definitely make anyone feel like royalty, as the sounds of the actors echo through the vast room embroidered by the mystical sights of this elegant theatre.

Ed Mirvish Theatre

This theatre might be one of the grandest theatres in Toronto. Even though it might not have the elegant palette of reds that others do, it exchanges them for golds, beiges and stone. Its sheer size is enough to make a jaw drop but, it is only when you step inside that you truly feel like you stepped into a fairytale-like theatre.

It is highly regarded as a masterpiece with over 3000 seats and an impeccable lavish interior, it is definitely the theatre to go to in order to provide a great end (or perhaps beginning) to an enticing date night

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Toronto is the kind of city that truly pays attention to the arts and, when it comes to theatres, there is a vast plethora of them, all with their uniqueness, luxurious interiors and pros and cons that truly make watching a play an unforgettable experience.

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My Idea Of A Perfect Date

A Perfect Date with Amelia Van Doren - Luxury Escort in Canada

I’m what you could call a hopeless romantic and, as a romantic at heart, I tend to have very specific ideas of how my dates can go. In order for a connection to fully blossom and, for sensuality to truly embrace us, a romantic date tends to be one of the most important parts in achieving that!

I have had my fair share of romantic dates and, even though every single one of them was special in its own way, there are certainly some that have left me absolutely star-struck, with my heart pumping along with every word that would come out of my mouth.

A romantic date is much more than being sensual, much more than having a good conversation, it is also about the environment we find ourselves in, the decoration and sounds that surround us and, most importantly, the activity we are doing.

Many of my previous elite companions have had amazing ideas for dates with me. From amazing strolls along the beach, while the sun is setting on the horizon, to breathtaking trips that have left a lasting impression in my mind, I’ve been blessed with plenty of romance in my life but, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t space for more…

Today I will tell you some of my ideas of what a perfect date looks like, so you get to know me a little bit better as the amazingly sensual high-class escort that I am and, to truly let your imagination fly on the amazing times that you could have with me.

Nothing Beats A Candlelit Dinner

Even though this might be a bit of a cliche when it comes to high-class escorts having a date with elite companions, it is, undoubtedly still one of the best first date activities that I can truly never get tired of.

A candlelit dinner is, not only, a great way to spark a fantastic and enticing conversation, (sharing smirks with each other as flirtatious comments roll off our tongues) but, it’s also an amazing opportunity to taste fantastic food and sip on some beautifully refined wines.

Anyone that truly knows me, knows that I am an amazing cook and a big lover of new experiences. This is one of the reasons why I love to go to restaurants such as Lle Flottante in Montreal and even the Butternut Tree in Edmonton, Alberta!

A Nice Walk

My favourite time of day is when the sun is setting so, it is with no surprise that another one of my favourite activities to do on a first date is to have a nice walk along a pier or beach at sunset, while watching the sun setting in the horizon as the stars come out,  bathing us in their beautiful mystical light.

This is truly one of the most simple but effective ways of getting to know each other. We could appreciate the fresh air of the outdoors, see beautiful vistas with the sun going down and, get to know each other as we walk side by side and, possibly, closer and closer together.

A Theatre Show

Even though I do enjoy my romantic walks and dinners, I also love to delve into the entertainment that theatre shows can offer. A nice play can truly provide us with countless conversations and analysis that can later lead to very enticing moments

Attending a theatre show in Toronto or even Vancouver is just an unforgettable experience that can really make for a memorable first date with my elite companions.

Spend Time with VIP Luxury Escort

Regardless of what kind of first date we end up having, what’s most important is that we get to know each other on a much deeper and personal level that can possibly lead to a night of enticement like you’ve never seen before.

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How I Keep My Body In Shape

Body in Shape - Sexy Canadian Escort & Companion

One very important aspect of being a high-class escort in Toronto and environs is that my body needs to be at its best at all times! I pride myself on having absolutely stunning natural curves that elongate themselves for days and, for having breasts and a booty that can bring any man to his knees however, that doesn’t come without some effort!

When it comes to taking care of myself (in order to present the best version of myself to my elite companions), I have to watch what I eat and how I burn those calories!

Watching What I Eat

Anyone that truly knows me would say that I am a great cook and, even I would consider myself to be that way as well. I absolutely love cooking and love to taste new foreign foods (with some of my favourite foods being French and Japanese) but, that also means that I love to eat well.

Junk food (even though it’s not bad every once in a while) is something that I tend to avoid, preferring to eat at the finest restaurants, where food is more of an experience, rather than just a way to fill our stomachs. Vegetables, fish and more are always a staple in my food regime in order to keep this body working as it should and looking as magnificent as ever.

Exercise Is Key

Another very important aspect of keeping my body as glorious looking as it does is to exercise and burn the excess calories that have no place being there! Now, with this I don’t mean that I exercise in a very extreme or even unhealthy way but, a bit of exercise every day is always a welcome activity!

Not only does it make me sweat those pesky calories that can linger if they go unnoticed but they also make me have the stamina to be the most enticing and sexually driven high-class escort you’ve ever seen in your entire life.

Pampering Myself

One of the things that my elite companions notice about me when we are in a bedroom alone, undressing each other along the way, is how my skin glows like the sun as it sets on the horizon and, how it’s soft to the touch like the silk woven by Aphrodite herself.

One of the ways that I achieve these results is by properly pampering myself. Having nice and long relaxing bubble baths with lots of oils and minerals that nourish the skin and, of course, using amazing premium moisturizing creams that leave my skin feeling silky smooth as well as smelling heavenly.

Sex Is Also A Great Workout

I would be lying if I said that sex didn’t play a big part in what keeps my body in shape because, after all, sex is a great workout.

It is no secret that I love sex, in fact, that is undoubtedly one of my favourite physical activities. Sex works every muscle in the body while keeping the soul active and running as it should in between moaning, sweats, juices and much more.

High-Class Escort In Canada

At the end of the day, there is a lot that goes into getting my body looking as perfect as it does but, it’s all worth it because, when one of my elite companions drops to his knees as their eyes feast on my exotic curves, my inner sex goddess comes out and shows them what heaven on earth is all about.

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Why Good Manners Are So Hot To Me

Good Manners - High Class Escort in Canada

As the high-class escort that I am, there are certain aspects that I expect when meeting and engaging with my elite companions. Even though everyone is different and unique in what they like, how they like it and how they perceive and showcase themselves, there are some things to take into consideration when being with me.

One of the most important things that I find attractive in a man is good manners and great hygiene. There is nothing sexier than to see a man that is confident in himself (but not arrogant) that knows how to carry himself with the utmost class and elegance, truly a connoisseur of the finer things in life.

I love a man that is well-groomed, calm and collected, intelligent and that knows how to behave in fancy and high-class environments but, why do I find good manners so attractive, you might ask? Well, the answer is much more simple than you might expect.

Whether you’re from Toronto or even Calgary, class, elegance and good manners are something that should be present at all times, regardless of where you find yourself in. As the luxury escort that I am, I’ve had the pleasure of travelling to many different places and, no matter what place I was in, I always remained collected and with good manners on the front line.

The reason why I find men with good manners so attractive is because they care for how they are perceived in a way that is not too personal but, instead, respectful. A man with good manners respects himself and exudes confidence and, along with it, a lot of sensuality.

The same thing goes for men who know how to dress and groom themselves for the occasion. A man with good hygiene is incredibly hot and, by being that way they usually tend to get me very aroused as well, with sensuality flowing through me the more I get to know them.

Another reason why I absolutely love men with good manners is that it doesn’t only show respect for themselves and the people around them but, it also ensures me that they will show respect towards me. That is a very important thing for a successful high-class escort and companion relationship to flourish.

As a high-class escort in Toronto and environs, there are some rules that I like to be respected in order for my time with my elite companions to be maximized. A man with good manners is much more likely to respect me in that sense than a man without any class.

Don’t get me wrong though, I also love to make a move, to show how much of a sex goddess I really am and to showcase my exotic curves for your eyes to feast on, however, when a gentleman does the same for me, it can truly make me open up in more ways than one, showing you what paradise truly looks like.

Overall, a man with good manners will always be much more attractive than a man that is vulgar and disrespectful so, if you are someone that respects and carries themselves with elegance and class then you are already halfway into my sensual soul.

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Best Date Activities In Toronto

Toronto Date Activities - Book a date with Toronto's Hottest Escort

Toronto is Canada’s city of lights and, even though it has a lot of different exciting activities and places to be discovered here, it is undeniable that it’s also one of the best cities for romance to truly flourish and for sensuality to be unleashed.

Being a high-class escort in Toronto, I’ve discovered some of the best places where I like to have dates with my elite companions.

Even though what’s most important about spending time with someone is to, well, spend actual time with them, it is also important to choose an activity and place that appeals to romance and that creates the perfect atmosphere for flirting, joking and overall romancing.

With that said, here are some of the best date activities you can have in Toronto!

Relaxing At A Turkish Spa!

This might seem like a very unusual kind of date activity however, this one is mostly targeted towards the elite companions that already have had a couple of dates with me.

A spa can be a truly amazing way to relax and, it gets extra special when you have someone to share those relaxing moments with. Whether you’re used to a spa or not, there is no denying that spending some time naked in a sauna with me by your side can be an unforgettable experience and, a very steamy one at that.

The Hammam Spa in Toronto is one of the best places to do this kind of date because, not only are their services amazing but the spa itself exudes luxury and peace, which is something that is always very appreciated.

Learning At Casa Loma

What is more romantic than to spend the afternoon at an European-style mansion? Not much!

The Casa Loma in Toronto is, not only, a beautiful mansion, full of intricate gardens, gothic-styled architecture and, a lot of history but, it also acts as a museum, making it a very fun and exciting date idea.

Tea At Royal York Hotel

Tea At Royal York Hotel

I am a big fan of tea (in particular matcha green tea), which is why I absolutely love to have some great afternoon tea at the Royal York Hotel. This is one of the finest hotels in Toronto, truly making you feel like royalty so, naturally, it is also a place fitting of a high-class escort and elite companion!

Having tea might not seem like the most exciting activity to have on a first date however, it can create the possibility for us to get to know each other properly, having an amazing conversation while we sip on a warm and cozy cup of tea.


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